Flight Deck Wingman - Supporting Airline Recruitment

Flight Deck Wingman - Supporting Airline Recruitment

Freelance Aircrew is delighted to announce their partnership with Flight Deck Wingman, a business founded to help pilots prepare for airline selection. Founders of both businesses started their aviation careers as fast-jet pilots in the military (Royal Air Force and Royal Navy) and now work in the commercial sector as charter and scheduled airline pilots, VIP pilots and aviation management, so we like to think we know what we are talking about. This partnership is exciting for Freelance Aircrew as we expand our network to support training for pilots of all experiences – train to prepare…prepare to succeed.

Freelance Aircrew partner with Flight Deck Wingman

So what is Flight Deck Wingman all about? Fast Jet Wingman’s founder Andrew is a former Harrier pilot and current First Officer on the Boeing 787. He has passed selection processes for many of the UK’s major airlines including Jet2, easyJet, Thomas Cook and British Airways and has held type-ratings and operated the Boeing 757/767/787 and Airbus 320/321/330 on both long haul and short haul. With a network of airline contacts and other pilots, Flight Deck Wingman’s mission is to support pilots of all of experience and backgrounds into the flight deck of their dreams.

Whether you’re considering a career as a pilot, looking for sponsorship, or to secure your first commercial flying role, or indeed if you’re considering change of airline, their airline application, preparation and support packages will give you that extra edge to secure you that all important flying job in this competitive industry.

Applying to any airline is a process that frequently sees fierce competition from other candidates, combined with demanding selection processes from airline recruiters. The Flight Deck Wingman team have passed multiple airline selection processes on their first attempts and with ‘in house’ training to support you. They have created a course that will prepare you in the very best way possible to be successful with an airline application.

For more information on the services provided by Flight Deck Wingman, please click HERE and make sure you follow them on twitter (@Wingman_Andrew) to ensure you get the latest news.

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