Join The Revolution - We Need You

Join The Revolution - We Need You

At Freelance Aircrew we plan to make a difference by allowing you to work when and where you want: giving you control of your life. The experts predict that the future of employment will be less constrained, where people choose when and where to work, allowing more family and leisure time; and that’s exactly what we are about – giving you control of your life.

To achieve this, we need you! YES YOU!

Freelance Aircrew We Need You

We need you to sign up, complete your profile thoroughly, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and get the word out.  The more we are heard, the more employers’ will require your services.

Freelancing in aviation is done very successfully in Northern America. By the joining the Revolution we will bring it to the rest of the globe by informing both aircrew and employers of the benefits.

How do Aircrew benefit:

  •               Work where you choose
  •               Work when you choose
  •               Meet a wide range of fellow aviators
  •               Experience new operations
  •               Earn a great daily rate for your expertise, 
  •               It’s free, it’s easy to use and it works

How do employers/operators benefit:

  •               Expanding database of qualified experts
  •               Reduced costs to manning
  •               Ability to choose an expert that meets their requirements by
    •        License type
    •        Experience on type
    •        Visas
    •        Languages
    •        Location (presently we have aircrew on every continent)

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Choose freelance for quality of life! Join the revolution, join Freelance Aircrew today.



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