Growing the Team - Rob Shand Joins as Advisor

Growing the Team - Rob Shand Joins as Advisor

We are delighted to announce that Rob Shand will be joining the FreeLance Aircrew team in an advisory role. Rob is the co-founder and CEO of the specialist family travel company Tots to Travel which was founded in 2005 after his infant son nearly drowned on holiday. With a profound drive to make family holidays better, Rob has grown the company into a thriving VC backed multi-award winning business that now helps thousands of families to have magical holidays every year. Rob also works with the Prince’s Trust as a business mentor.

Not totally alien to aviation, Rob also spent some time messing around in fast-jets (if you can call the Harrier a fast-jet [apologies, it's pilot banter!]) in his formative years and is a happy member of the Martin-Baker ejection-seat tie club. He wisely now leaves the practice of aviation to others but his experience of growing a global brand and very successful business has already proven to be beneficial.

Co-Founder Mark Dean said 'When you are starting a business it is very easy to be wedded to your own brilliance and lose the objectivity that a 3rd party might have. Rob not only challenges us and provides that external scrutiny, but his experience of growing a global business will hopefully accelerate our growth and ensure that we avoid as many of the pitfalls that we will undoubtedly face. We all know Rob from our Air Force days and aside from the great advice, he is also a great team player, something that we value just as much as professional expertise".

Welcome to the team Rob, it's great to have you on board....world domination next!