Bringing the FREE to Freelance Aircrew

Bringing the FREE to Freelance Aircrew

Due to the overwhelming subscription rate from aircrew across the globe, we have decided to make Freelance Aircrew free for Pilots, Flight Attendants and Aeromeds. Unlike many other platforms we are 100% free for our aircrew...there are no signup fees when you create a profile, we do not take any of your commission and there are no hidden charges. It really is 100% free.

Freelance Aircrew is now FREE

You decide when you want to work and you keep 100% of your earnings. The success of our platform to date has been the level of detail that we are able to provide potential employers. As well as a full aircrew profile (which includes licences, medical, travel documents, CV & references), we are also able to tell them exactly when you will be available. This means that you don't get requests to work when you don't want to and it saves employers time by onlny dealing with suitably trained and available aircrews.

It only takes around 10 minutes to create a full profile and upload your documents...but you'll only have to do it once. Our subscription team will vet your profile (usually within 6 hours) and you will then be viewable to all employers and operators. 

We also have a jobs message board so please browse that; if you apply for a position then your full profile will be sent to your potential employer...for that reason we recommend that your profile is as complete and comprehensive as possible.

Join the aircrew recruitment revolution, join the growing global community, join Freelance Aircrew today.

Please spread the word and let’s get you to work.