I'm an Employer - What are the benefits of Freelance Aircrew?

I'm an Employer - What are the benefits of Freelance Aircrew?

If you are reading this then you have probably at some point faced the arduous task of finding aircrew (pilots or flight attendants) for either a short-notice requirement or a permanent position. How many hours did that take you and how frustrating did you find it? We have been in that position and even if you find someone with the qualifications you need, chances are that they are not available when you want them and it takes ages going through your network....again!

We thought that there must be a better way of doing this for both the employers and the aircrew (yes, they do get fed up being asked to work when they are not available). The solution was Freelance Aircrew, but how will it add value to your life and solve your problems?


1.  It's easy to search for what you need, pilot or flight attendant. Enter the dates, locations and type rating (if applicable) and we will display all aircrew who are available and meet your criteria.

2.  Once you have see who is available you can save to 'favourites' so that you can compare - viewing their basic details via this search is FREE.

3.  Once you have subscribed for either a 1 month or 12 month option, you will be able to view contact details, qualifications, medicals, CV, travel documents, day rates and references, everything you need to not only make a decision on whether to contact them but also everything you need to place them on your register. We think that we have thought of everything!

4.  The choice to employ or not is 100% in your hands, you pay the aircrew directly, no more sky high recruitment agency fees.

5.  We have a global database and are open 24/7/365 to meet your round the clock operational requirements.

6.  If you cannot find exactly what you need then you can post a single job on our noticeboard which will be seen by aircrew across the globe. Only validated aircrew will contact you and when they do, you will receive a comprehensive package including qualifications, medicals, CV, travel documents and references.

7.  All of the above allows you to search discreetly for the Aircrew that you need, you can be selective in choosing from verified crew...no longer bombarded by 100s of applications that do not meet your criteria,

Never again struggle to find aircrew at short notice or spend $$$$ on recruitment agency fees. We are aircrew who want to make this aspect of our industry better for everyone. 

Join the growing community who like to think differently. If we have manageed to persuade you then you can sign up HERE, alternatively we look forward to being of service to you in the future.