Why Did We Start Freelance Aircrew?

Why Did We Start Freelance Aircrew?

So why would 3 retired fighter pilots start a service that provides pilots, flight attendants and aeromed crew with contract opportunities and provides employers and operators with short-term or surge crewing requirements?

With over 50 years in military aviation and 15 years in commercial aviation we think that we know a little about the world of flying and crewing. However, it was only when our aviation sales business kept being inundated with requests to provide pilots and flight attendants that the idea of a business opportunity sprang to mind. Like many people, we had a request, we then spent hours phoning mates and contacts to try and find a solution. Even once we had found a solution we then had to arrange for all of the documentation (Licence, Type Rating, Passport, Visa etc…) to be forwarded to the employer. We like to apply continuous improvement to everything we do and it seemed obvious that there must be a better way of doing this from both the crew and the employer’s perspective.

As crew, they wanted to only be contacted on the dates they were available and didn’t want to continually send the same documents repeatedly to different employers.

As employers and private operators, they wanted to save time, effort and of course money when faced with short-term crewing requirements.

It was when doing some market research that we decided to add aeromed crews as most doctors, nurses and paramedics who work on aircraft have normal healthcare jobs but like to offer their services in a different environment for short periods of time. One of our wives also has loads of practical aeromedical experience as a doctor and she backed up our assumptions.

If only there was something already out there that solved these issues. There wasn’t and so we created it. Freelance Aircrew is your one-stop solution for all of your crewing requirements and with our global (and rapidly growing) database, we will always be there for you. As an employer, if we don’t have an exact match then you can post your job for free.

As crew, it’s a comprehensive sign up process but once you’ve done it once, you will never have to do it again….all you need to do is update your availability on a monthly basis and we’ll even send you a monthly email to remind you. Try it out completely free for 90 days and let us prove to you that this is the best subscription service out there.

We come from a background where results matter and we have an attention to detail that is second to none…that is what we are bringing to the party. But at the end of the day we are pilots, so we must keep it simple!