Freelance Aircrew Job Details


Flight Attendant

01 May 2021

KLAX : LAX : Los Angeles International Airport

FULL TIME AIR CONCIERGE : This position will be different from a normal Flight Attendant or Cabin Crew job. Our 737-700 aircraft is operated by the US Air Carrier airline that employees their own pilots, engineers and flight attendants. There will always be 2-3 pilots, 2 engineers/flight mechanics and 4 flight attendants on every flight. Initially the flights will be from Los Angeles, California to Maui, Hawaii one round trip flight per week. First flight is the first week of June. We would begin employment the beginning of May for training and familiarization. Our Air Concierge would be an integral part of ROAM Air in the sense that the Air Concierge would be our direct contact with our charter customers to ensure that their experience is as pleasant and relaxing as possible. With 60 seats and 4 flight attendants we want the level of service to be better than First Class on a transoceanic airliner. We plan on having the finest foods and drinks from high quality restaurants and wineries with their chefs and owners flying on the flights helping prepare the food and take care of the passengers. The Air Concierge would also help passengers before and after the boarding process. Like a Concierge at a fine hotel is always available to help guests. We anticipate the Air Concierge being available during the days before the flights to answer emails and texts from guests that may have questions about their trip. Even during the nearly 6 hour flight across the ocean, the Air Concierge will assist guest with things like maybe booking golf tee times, ordering specific room service items, booking resort excursions like sailing or scuba diving and mountain hiking. The Air Concierge will be a Full Time employment position with health benefits and other benefits. We are excited about growing our company and we anticipate having about 10 people at the company by June when we start the flights. We will also have a Gulfstream V as part of our operation to fly both domestically and internationally. The Air Concierge will be based in Los Angeles with out of town overnights at our destinations in hotels paid for by the company of course. We hope to have routes to Napa Valley, California, New York City, Las Vegas, Aspen, Colorado, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico by the end of the year.