About Freelance Aircrew

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At Freelance Aircrew we are a team that know the industry. We have been frustrated as Aircrew always getting requests to do freelance work when it doesn’t suit us and as operators having to spend time and effort trying to find pilots and crew at short notice.

The solution is Freelance Aircrew. A global database where Aircrew are in control of their availability and a solution that saves employers time, money and effort when trying to fill short-notice crewing requirements.

It’s easy to use and it works.


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  • Create your profile
  • Add Experience/Skills/Type Rating
  • Upload CV and licence documents
  • Select your availability
  • We match you with employer requests
  • Work to your schedule



  • Insert Requirements
  • View all available matches
  • Access to Aircrew CV and licence documents
  • Save aircrew to compare & contact
  • Saves you time, money & effort
  • Never struggle to fill short-notice Aircrew positions